Finding Florida…The Road to the 1st 53!

  Early 2015 brought about many changes in my life, the biggest being my choice of hobbies! While on Google looking for a unique place to stay for a weekend getaway, I came across a website that listed historical cemeteries by county. Most were dated mid to late 1800s & rapidly deteriorating due to time, weather, vandals, etc. After researching further, I found a similar site asking for volunteers willing to locate & photograph these locations so that they could be properly documented…Without hesitation, I sent an email basically saying “Sign Me Up!” It took me another few weeks of research before I finally felt bold enough to venture out by myself BUT when I finally did, I found Trilby & fell in love…There was NO more hesitation after that day & Now I’m 53 sites in & starting to incorporate other aspects of Abandoned & Neglected Florida such as abandoned dwellings & Florida’s Ghost Towns!

  While I’ve always been a fan of the odd, creepy & off the beaten path places that the so-called “Normal” people wouldn’t dare go, I’ve gained an entirely new perspective on all 3! Yes it’s fun to be creeped out BUT I’ve grown to love the history that comes along with each new place…Every single site has a story & while it’s not always one that’s filled with sinister plots OR action packed drama, it still deserves to be heard & documented… Taking its own little place in history!

  That’s exactly how this blog came to be! I hope anyone that happens upon it enjoys the journey as much as I do!


More Pics & Info:



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