January 2018…

  AFTER researching every article, book, website, interview, etc. That I could possibly find, my head was so full of info that it felt like it might explode at any time! There was just so much out there that I’d find myself looking at one thing that would lead me to Google something else & before I even realized what was happening, I’d literally be toggling back & forth between 50 open tabs…NOT to mention the number of proverbial “Rabbit Holes” that I was led down. Instances where I would actually find any new info were few & far between. Finally one of those “Oprah A-Ha Moments” happened! What was the one thing that I kept seeing over & over again that could possibly throw me a lifeline? Names! Specifically names of the Whitehouse Boys. Maybe at least one of those boys would be willing to talk to me but was it right to ask something so great of someone who’s been through so much?



  I took a couple of days to think about what I should do. During that time, I had made the decision to contact a specific Whitehouse Boy who had not only been leading the group to find justice but also lived maybe 25 minutes from me. I also spent a lot of time recalling the old archive photos of the boys at Dozier & something seemed off…Where were their smiles?? The lips may be upturned BUT the eyes don’t lie & the eyes of these boys were haunting. That thought alone made me decide to move forward so I typed out my 1st email…





  IT took me 2 days to hit send but once I did I felt a mixture of relief & anticipation. I thought my chances of getting a reply was slim to none. This poor man would probably think I’m some random crazy person & delete my email without even opening it! Before I could even resign myself to the fact that I had probably wasted my time, I RECEIVED a response! NOT only did this man reply very kindly to my email, he gave me lots of valuable information. I read through it several times & then replied back.




OUR email exchange lasted a couple of days but brought me tons of new info & resources as well as a stronger desire to move forward. Who knows what the future will bring but at least now I had a clear direction to move in…


~SPECIAL THANKS: I  want to express my extreme gratitude to “R” for taking the time to reply to me, a complete stranger. Your knowledge & kindness meant the world to me & you & the others deserve nothing less than complete justice! I’m hoping that I can do something to help you get just that!”


**NOTE**  OUT of privacy & respect, I have decided to NOT include the name of the gentleman that I contacted nor will I disclose much of the info that I received from him.




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