INVESTIGATING DOZIER: Sidebar ~ The Future of Dozier.


Fighting Against a Ticking Clock!

  Not a day goes by that I don’t research something regarding the case, the history OR anything involving the Marianna & Okeechobee campuses. Last night I went online just to see if there were any recent updates & came across a news story that had my stomach up in my throat & more than a little frustration bubbling over. I watched the clip in horror as the reporter interviewed Marianna City Officials, allowing them to run off at the mouth about how valuable the Dozier land is & how a proposal has been made to NOT only demolish the abandoned buildings But have the land redeveloped…They would also like to receive $500,000 to do so! They certainly have some overly large B-A-L-L-S!! I was outraged, however, the worst was yet to come. Should this proposal be accepted, the demolition could begin as early as next summer…That’s ONLY a little over a year away! Marianna would basically be receiving a crap ton of money to literally bury their dirty little secrets & seal the hole with a new Walmart, Target OR what the Hell else they feel will prevent prying eyes from seeing the truth. It will be the FINAL unmarked grave of Dozier! Well F That Sh$t! I say make them drive past those decaying buildings…EVERY…SINGLE…DAY…


I Have to Ask a Favor…A HUGE Favor!

  SO here’s what I’m asking…NO, Begging Ya’ll to do…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE click on this post & subscribe to my “FINDING FLORIDA” Blog Page!! Additionally, “LIKE” & “SHARE” my posts! Knowledge IS power & I want to spread the knowledge of what has & is happening to as many people as I posibly can! You NEVER know if your “SHARE” will end up being the one that is seen by someone who can help this investigation reopen!






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