INVESTIGATING DOZIER Pt. 7 ~ Chapter 3: WAIT! Is That A Tank??

March 2nd, 2018



  Knowing that there’s at least 1 person that has seen me on campus, I figured I should drive back down the hill. My 1st stop…The cabin/house that I had seen earlier. I pulled my car to the side…OK, I actually pulled my car onto the grass & got it as close to the house as I possibly could without parking on the porch! If I had to escape, I wanted my ride to be 3 steps away AT ALL TIMES!! I left my keys in the ignition (to avoid fumbling with them if I was running from the Blair Witch…So I’ve seen a TON of horror movies, DON’T JUDGE ME!!) & off I went. Getting a closer look made me realize that I probably wouldn’t be able to go inside as 1) The house itself was in pretty bad condition & 2) I wasn’t willing to risk losing a limb & bleeding out should I fall through the floor! Maybe next time, if someone was with me, I’d give it a go BUT today I’d have to be content with exploring the outside.


The Old Rotting Cabin…

  I attempted to get up on the front porch but didn’t get very far as the wooden floor was rotting away in some spots & completely gone in others. The steps leading up were covered with dead leaves, making it impossible to see the condition of the them, so I had to tread lightly. Once at the top, I could see a door, pad locked of course, & broken windows on either side. Through each I could see a set of wooden bunk beds pressed up against them.




  Obviously there wasn’t going to be much to see in the front. Not wanting to waste too much time, I went around to the back but didn’t have high expectations of finding anything earth shattering. What I did find was a large, screened in back porch…That I also wouldn’t be entering because of the level of decay. I did manage to use the 1st 3 steps at the entry way to at least get a decent look inside. At the far end was what looked to be a small office. I could see part of a desk & some chairs, of which seemed vaguely familiar to me. An old, dusty typewriter was sitting on the rotting floor & the back door going into the house was also locked up tight, NOT that I would have been confident enough in the floor to even try to get inside!




  Wanting to make sure that I didn’t miss anything (My BIGGEST regret from previous visits!!), I took a stroll behind the house to check out the 2 storage sheds that I had noticed earlier. The 1st shed held tons of tires, some old tools & appliances & tons of other random crap that had been tossed inside. The 2nd held more of the same…Old tools, cleaning supplies, rusty appliances, a tank…A FREAKING Tank?? HOLY SH$T!! Why the Hell would there be a tank parked inside a reform school shed? It’s one of those times where your eyes are seeing something BUT your brain is struggling to understand WHY it would be there in the first place! Of course I stood there for a bit staring & taking pics. I probably don’t need to give a reason why…




  Looking at the time, I saw it was 4pm. I had gained an hour BUT I knew that it would start getting dark around 5:30pm. I needed to get down to the Church & then check out what was on the other side of the grounds. Time to move on…



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